Tribe of Hackers Podcast

Phillip Wylie : PenTester, Professor, and Founder of The PwnSchool Project

July 21, 2020 Ray REDACTED Season 1 Episode 12
Tribe of Hackers Podcast
Phillip Wylie : PenTester, Professor, and Founder of The PwnSchool Project
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Twitter: @PhillipWylie

Phillip Wylie is a penetration tester with more than 21 years of experience in information technology and information security. He is an adjunct professor teaching ethical hacking and web app pentesting at Richland College in Dallas, Texas. Phillip is the founder and director of the Pwn School Project, an educational meetup group teaching pentesting and ethical hacking skills. He holds the following certifications: OSCP, GWAPT, and CISSP.

In this episode, we will discuss:

0:00 intro

0:30 about Phillip Wylie:

01:15 Origin Story  

3:03 What About Samson the Bear? About Professional Wrestling

4:29 CAD draftsman to Novell Engineer

5:45 Aer certifications important? 

6:36 Blueprint to PenTesting

8:07 Advice to pentesting students

8:55 Writing and Communication Skills

10:38 The PwnSchool Project

12:15 PwnSchool starts out discussing OffSec, but expands to many more topics

14:06 ITSP Podcast on Origins

15 :30 BADASS army @KatelynBowden

17:00 Non Consensual Image Abuse and BADASS Army

18:34 COVID19 and Conference Appearances- the good and bad

20:32 Phillip finds Tribeof Hackers

21:36 Mentorship and the awesomeness of @DHAhole

22:35 Giving back

23:50 Mental Health and helping others——

25:26 Everyone has something to share

27:34 What does “Hacker” mean

28:30 People Phillip admires

 29:45 DeWayne Johnson chit chat—

30:40 community

31:30 Advice to a younger Phillip Wylie

32:15 Phillip on twitter: @PhillipWylie Youtube:  PLWylie.  Personal website And

Origin Storuy
What About Samson the Bear? Professional Wrestlng
CAD Draftsman to Novell Network Engineer
Are Certifications Important?
Blueprint to PenTesting
Advice to PenTesting students
Writing and Communication Skills
COVID-19 and Conference Appearances
Phillip finds Tribe of Hackers
Mentorship and "giving back"
"Everyone has something to share"
What does "Hacker" mean?
People Phillip Admires
Advice to a younger Phil